Avoid The Mess And Eat Cheap!

Installing the You2eat application on your smartphone means reaching millions of users who are committed to avoiding food waste, but it is also possible to buy good small meals at a lower price. You are involved for the good of the planet and you are having fun, it is all good!

How Does this App Work?

After having installed the application on your smartphone, find the merchants closest to you and place your order.

Go to the collection point and time indicated by the merchant to remove your surprise basket.

All you have to do is enjoy your meal and enjoy!


Amazing features that make it great!

Preferred traders

You can put your favorite traders in your favorites and give them notes, to recommend them to other users and allow them to save their unsold!


Thanks to the geolocation, the You2eat application allows you to discover the partner establishments of your city while making you happy and made a gesture for the environment!

Get a Reasonable Price

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